• Biogeochemical Pathways

    We will continue to document how long-term biogeochemical dynamics (e.g., litterfall mass, stream ch

  • Ecosystem Services

    Road building and urbanization at the base of the LM will reduce ecosystem services by simplifying t

  • Canopy Trimming Experiment

    The Canopy Trimming Experiment (CTE) is a long-term experiment designed for two purposes: 1) to deco

  • Luquillo Forest Dynamics Plot

    The LFDP has a history of land use disturbance and also hurricane damage, disturbance types that int

  • Multiple Dimensions of Biodiversity

    Biodiversity in multiple dimensions over multiple scales –Each of the multiple dimensions of biodive

  • Urban-Rural Boundary

    Changing land use affect ecosystem services in northeast Puerto Rico

  • New Pathways

    Research at Luquillo LTER led to the discovery of DNRA and Feammox, novel pathways for nitrogen loss

Explore spatio-temporal variation in ecosystem structure and function in dynamic tropical landscapes

The goal of the Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research Program (LUQ) program is to determine how changing climate and disturbance regimes interact to drive ecological change in natural and human modified landscapes in tropical montane ecosystems.  This enhanced mechanistic understanding will supply critical information to manage and conserve ecosystems of the Luquillo Experimental Forest as well as other montane forest ecosystems undergoing similar changes.  Read More

Research Highlight

Four new species of lichens found in research sites along the elevation gradient outside LEF boundaries:In Jan 9th, 2014, an article highlighting the discovery of four new species of lichens found in research sites along the elevation gradient – at the lower elevation forests outside LEF boundaries was published. Joel Mercado, a UPR – Rio Piedras MS Graduate and IITF affiliate is the lead investigator of this study.See Newspaper Clip: http://luq.lternet.edu/downloads/el-nuevo-dia-9-de-enero-2014-pag-58-ciencia