The goal of the Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research Program (Luquillo LTER) is to understand how changing climate and land use are affecting the environment of northeastern Puerto Rico. Luquillo LTER includes both terrestrial and aquatic studies, from the peaks of the Luquillo Mountains to the city of San Juan, encompassing strong gradients of both climate and land use. 

Luquillo LTER research applies to other islands in the Caribbean and similar tropical areas, and it is part of global networks of long-term environmental research in the United States and other countries (US LTER, International LTER) and tropical forest

Recent Publications

Atypical soil carbon distribution across a tropical steepland forest catena
Soil organic carbon (SOC) in a humid subtropical forest in Puerto Rico is higher at ridge locations compared to valleys, and therefore opposite to what is commonly observed in other forested...
Litter Invertebrate Communities along an Elevational Gradients
Relationships between litter invertebrate communities, climate, and forest net primary productivity (NPP) were investigated in two microhabitats along an elevational gradient in the Luquillo...