History of LUQ IM Outreach Activities

We document our plans and actions as we present them to others: to our co-workers (ITES-UPR), to our LUQ scientists, to our IM peers and to other scientific communities. We have worked with scientific and information managers communities of other Latin American Countries (Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and as far as Asia  (Taiwan-Malaysia). All these collaborations have served us not only to spread the LTER ways of collaboration and sharing but to broaden our vision of what a good information managment system is. Most of all it has given us the right perspective and motivation: we are doing all this work for the sake of our Planet, and ultimately for the sake of Humanity. - ECMC -2012

Developing a common information management framework:


(See citations for the three papers below)

Outreach Activities:
  • Schoolyard participant schools (website)
  • LUQ IM and Colegio Creativo de Puerto Rico (CCPR) Remote Sensing Activity (web page)
  • Antilles Middle School of Buchanan, Puerto Rico (Department of Defense Education) career oriented talk to 8th Grade students (web page) 

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Information Managers (IMs) and LTER Network Office (LNO) Partnerships and Collaborations Working Group

2007 IM Committee Annual Meeting at San Jose California