A new psychodid species from Saban tank bromeliads

TitleA new psychodid species from Saban tank bromeliads
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWagner, RH, Richardson, B, Richardson, B
JournalStudies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment
Accession NumberLUQ.987

A new species of Neotropical Psychodidae, Alepia apexalba sp. nov., is described from dry-forest tank bromeliads in Saba, Netherlands Antilles. Larvae, pupae and adults are described and figured. It is possible to relate larvae and adults because the latter were reared from pupae collected from the bromeliads (Tillandsia utriculata) that also contained larvae. Bromeliads are adapted to intercept canopy litter and throughfall water, and decaying litter is washed into and retained by the leaf bases. It is from this aquatic habitat that the larvae and pupae were collected.