A common information management framework: Data, Policies, Acknowledgement and Guidelines. This section includes a Data Catalog containing all the data and metadata from the Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) Program (LUQ LTER). A Data Access Policies describing the protocols to release the data gathered with the funding of LUQ describes the different data categories according to their availability online. A Data User's Agreeement, a paragraph of the Acknowledgement to the NSF support funded in any way by current and future LTER grants for all publications or any other purpose and a Disclaimer for the use of the LUQ data is also included in this section.

For the scientists filing a data set with the LUQ LTER Information Management Section there is a copy of the documentation template form  (metadata) that must be filed along with a data set. The guidelines document contains all the information needed by the investigator to perform this essential task.

LUQ LTER non-spatial data and metadata are also accessible in the LTER Network Network Information System . Spatial data of the Luquillo Mountains sites are provided in a separate website (GIS layers) developed and maintained by the Department of Environmental Science, Natural Science Faculty of the University of Puerto Rico.