Specialized Art School Ernesto Ramos Antonini of Yauco

Specialized Art School Ernesto Ramos Antonini of Yauco
Ave. Barbosa Final
Yauco, Puerto Rico 00698
(18.030765, -66.849306)
Phone number: (787) 856-1325

Leading teacher: Glenda L. Almodóvar Morales
E-mail address: glenda_lee2@yahoo.com

Collaboration of Students from:
Áurea E. Quiles Claudio High School
Carretera 333, Km 0.5, Guánica, PR
Phone number: (787) 821-2800

Project Description
The purpose of this investigation is to establish a database as part of a long-term ecological research at the dry scrub forest plot in the Guánica State Forest of Puerto Rico. This investigation started in 2009 as part of the Luquillo LTER Schoolyard Program with students from the Aurea E. Quiles Claudio High School from Guánica and from August 2015 with students from the Ernesto Ramos Antonini High School.

Data Collected

1. Tree growth including: registration date (period of collection dd/mm/yyyy - dd/mm/yyyy), tag number (alphanumeric), main stem (alphanumeric), species-common name(alphabetic), scentific name (alphabetic),height (in m as collected), height  (in cm-converted), dbh (cm), basal area-calculated (cm2), volumen-calculated (cm3), wood biomass-calculated (g), Carbon-calculated (g).

2. Air Temperature (°C), Relative Humidity (percent), Heat Index (°C), Wind Max and Average (miles per hour) registered with portatil datalogger.

3. Soil Characteristics including: Soil Temperature (°C), Soil Humidity (percent) and Soil Compaction (kg/cm3) registered with three different instruments.

Most significant results from forest data: